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Welcome to Sexually Connected

Relationship, Intimacy Expert and Sexologist Claudia Soul dives a level deeper to explore the intricacies of sexual connection in modern day dating & relationships. Soul tackles issues that prevent or encourage sexual confidence, wellness and connection. Tune in and discover how to ignite your magnetic chemistry and intimacy power and establish relationships that thrive on intimacy and sexual connection.

What to expect?

Claudia Soul weaves her guest’s stories and expertise into the shows weekly topic. From a gay African American man navigating childhood abuse and the impact on his adult sexual relationships to dating as a celebrity, to when to take the plunge sexually when dating. 

The show also has a monthly Q and A to discuss issues such as sexual performance, the differences between men and women sexually and how to bridge some of the gaps that see 50% of all relationships unhappy in the bedroom.  

The show’s larger mission is to demonstrate the relevance of relationships, intimacy, sexual connectedness and sexual wellness on living a happy and successful life.

Dec 25, 2018

We get up close and personal with Mr and Mrs O’Hare. John is my regular co-host and an Australian Actor, Producer, Director and Founder of O’Punsky’s Theatre. Hilary is a Lawyer and a graduate of the University of Cambridge in London. Our first ever couple don’t disappoint as they discuss what makes a successful...

Dec 18, 2018

In this show we tackle the question of how anxiety affects your’ life, relationship and the bedroom. Omar provides insight into how people want to believe they have anxiety,  to provide a reason for the challenges they face in their lives. We consider performance anxiety for men, some possible solutions and...

Dec 12, 2018

In this show, we touch on how porn can affect relationships, but also how the bedroom and a happy relationship can affect all areas of a woman’s life, especially her ability to focus and achieve success. We answer a listener’s question, who wanted to know how to manage her husband telling her what to do in both her...

Dec 12, 2018

In this show, we tackle the influence of the zodiac on sexual compatibility as a success factor for relationships. My co-host actor John O’Hare announces his impending marriage and, he finds out some news about their sexual compatibility! I also find out an important fact, namely that Scorpio is my ideal sexual match....