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Welcome to Sexually Connected

Relationship, Intimacy Expert and Sexologist Claudia Soul dives a level deeper to explore the intricacies of sexual connection in modern day dating & relationships. Soul tackles issues that prevent or encourage sexual confidence, wellness and connection. Tune in and discover how to ignite your magnetic chemistry and intimacy power and establish relationships that thrive on intimacy and sexual connection.

What to expect?

Claudia Soul weaves her guest’s stories and expertise into the shows weekly topic. From a gay African American man navigating childhood abuse and the impact on his adult sexual relationships to dating as a celebrity, to when to take the plunge sexually when dating. 

The show also has a monthly Q and A to discuss issues such as sexual performance, the differences between men and women sexually and how to bridge some of the gaps that see 50% of all relationships unhappy in the bedroom.  

The show’s larger mission is to demonstrate the relevance of relationships, intimacy, sexual connectedness and sexual wellness on living a happy and successful life.

Oct 30, 2018

Sexually Connected addresses issues of sexuality at a global, individual and relationship level; because all 3 influence how we behave in relationships and sexually. Claudia Soul and her panel of experts delve deep to explore modern day stereotypes of men and women, the influence of social media and other factors on achieving intimacy and sexual connection.


About the Panel

Scott Schmaren -Perfomanceologist and world-renowned hypnotist as seen on Oprah and the Howard Stern Show. ️ Expert in creating success in all areas of your life, by adjusting values first and then habits.

John O’Hare - Australian Actor, Producer and Director.️ Expert in moving people toward greater vulnerability through expression.

Jenelle Gordon - Founder of Beyond Freedom. Advocating for Sex Trafficking survivors. Tantra Expert and Health Coach️

Claudia Soul - Claudia SOUL Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist-Creating greater intimacy in relationships and addressing areas of sexual disconnection.